Download Astute Currency Analyzer 2.0 (1.65 MB)

Astute Currency Analyzer is a small application which makes currency conversion a breeze! With it's easy to use, minimalist GUI, Astute Currency Analyzer is simple to use and easy to grasp yet powerful and feature packed enough for professionals and everyday users. Exchange rates update automatically.

Astute Currency Analyzer 2.0
- Features the top 35 currencies and their exchange rates
- Exchange rates are updated automatically daily
- View all exchange base rates against the currency of your choice
- Currency conversion is instantaneous; results displayed as you enter the amount
- Options to change the default currency to transfer money from, default currency transfer to transfer money to, currency to view exchange rates against, and how often the program will check for updated exchange rates

Astute Currency Analyzer 2.0 Main Astute Currency Analyzer 2.0 View Exchange Rates

This software works on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. An internet connection is required. This software WILL NOT work on Linux, Mac, BSD or any other operating system. If you use one of them, we suggest you use virtual PC software such as Parallels to be able to run this software.

Download Astute Currency Analyzer 2.0 (1.65 MB)

If you find a bug, have any suggestions or feature requests or anything else, please contact us or hit us up on our forums.

While the exchange rates and data contained in Astute Currency Analyzer is correct to the best of our knowledge, Dink Software accepts no liability for any loss, misadventure or other events which may arise as a use of this program. For financial advice please contact your bank or a money exchange.